Mr. Ahmed has always believed in giving back to the society, he has been involved and recognized for being with a number of philanthropic ventures. Some of which include:

Communal Activities

  1. As a mark of deep respect to his father Late Md. Saadat Ali, Mr. Ahmed formed the “Saadat Smriti Sadan”, which concentrates in serving the poor & unfortunates of the society.
    Saadat Smriti Sadan
  2. Established two Charitable Clinics, one at 555 Nayatola, Baro Moghbazar, Dhaka and the other one at Narshingdi, Dhaka providing free medical treatment to the poor and distressed people.
  3. Contributing as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Prothom Alo Trust.
    Prothom Alo Trust strives to put a smile on people whenever tragedies strike so that their dreams do not die in the face of tragedies and they can regain hope, self-confidence and resume living life.
  4. Working as Advisor to the Campaign against Drug being run by the leading daily Prothom Alo.
    The Daily Prothom Alo is a major daily newspaper in Bangladesh, published from Dhaka in the Bengali language. Based on circulation, Prothom Alo is the largest newspaper in Bangladesh.
  5. Established the only ICU & HDU for Pediatric Burn Unit in Dhaka Medical College & Hospital.
    Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) is a public medical college and hospital located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It houses the most prestigious medical school as well as the largest tertiary care hospital in the country on one campus. This institution is regarded as the epitome of medical education in Bangladesh since its inception.
    ICU & HDU for Pediatric Burn Unit
  6. Built a Mosque at Nabi Nagar Thana, Comilla and another Mosque at Narshingdi.
  7. Established a Technical Institute with computer accessories and sewing machinery tools in Narsingdi for providing technical training..
  8. Fostered the advancement of the conference room of the Business Faculty of Dhaka University.
    University of Dhaka is the oldest university in Bangladesh. Today, it is the largest public research university in Bangladesh, with a student body of 37,018 and a faculty of 1,992. It was identified by AsiaWeek as one of the top 100 universities in Asia.
  9. Contributing as a Member of the Advisory Council of ‘Kendriya Kochi Kacher Mela', the largest, oldest and most popular organization in the country for children. The 49-year old organization has around 80,000 members throughout the country.
  10. Provides allowance for unprivileged Senior Citizens on regular basis.
  11. Provides Scholarship for meritorious students.
  12. Opened a unique and well equipped children’s park at his home district Narsingdi. The park is one of a kind around that area and named after his grandsons “Arzan & Arish Shishu Park”.